Project 333 Challenge

I was lucky enough to be able to go to the Pennsylvania Conference for Women in 2018 and see Courtney Carver speak about doing more with less. I walked away thinking this was a really neat experiment to try, but didn't follow through that year.

I've heard about how simplifying your life and decluttering can help you focus on the things that you really need to focus on instead of using up brainpower to decide if this outfit really goes together. I've seen co-workers adopt Steve Jobs's black t-shirt and jeans combo for work. I tried a version where I just wore t-shirts and jeans. I had a lot of t-shirts, many of them of cartoons and locations I visited. Mostly I ended up dressing like a 12-year-old kid with no fashion sense.

I think I've done a fairly good job of cutting out a lot of my wardrobe over the years and growing it up a little. I finally got rid of most of that stuff that I was probably never going to fit into anymore, getting rid of ratty old t-shirts that were worn thin and had holes in them, things that weren't trendy anymore. I even got rid of a lot of those high-heel shoes that I can't really walk in anymore.

I recently watched Minimalism. It reintroduced me to the Project 333 challenge, which I'm now attempting to try. Here's what my closet looks like today. There's a lot of shoes in here I don't wear often. There are some t-shirts in here that just don't fit right, so I don't wear them often, some Indian clothes that I haven't worn in years because everyone is done getting married and having kids, lots of the same jeans in different colors, bunch of dress blouses that aren't really flattering, and scarves and purses. I do love all my scarves.

This isn't even all of it. I still have stuff hidden in plastic containers that I wear even less often. Some stuff that's ended up in my mom's closet. Not to mention my race t-shirt collection. Now that I'm typing all this out, I realize I have a lot of stuff. Time to start the purge!

So the rules of the Project 333 Challenge state that for 3 months, you wear 33 items of clothing, accessories, jewelry, outerwear, and shoes. This does not count workout clothes or sleep/loungewear or underwear. You can see more specifics about the rules on their site. There are 2 things I anticipate having an issue with: scarves and shoes. I do kinda have a uniform for work during the winter which involves a lot of plain long sleeve shirts and scarves. I have a lot. However, I get to switch out the 3-month mark so maybe this won't be so bad.

It's Winter right now, so I'm going to start with the stuff that keeps me warm. I realize that there isn't a ruling on socks in the rules. I do love warm feet in the cold months. I'm gonna lump them into the underwear category and keep them all. I, also, did not count my super heavy winter coat in the list. I really only wear it if it's below freezing and I have to be outside for long periods of time standing around in the cold. That almost never happens.

Here's the final list:


1. Blue puffy jacket

2. Knee-length striped cardigan

3. Black fleece moto jacket

4. Black hat

5. Red/black gloves


6. One black and brown heavy scarf that goes with a lot

7. One turquoise scarf that always gets compliments

8. One thin one that adds some sparkle to any outfit

9. One purse for every day that goes with almost any color scheme and outfit

10. One laptop/work bag


11. Silver fringe necklace

12. Rhinestone & turquoise necklace

13. Plain diamond earrings

14. Plain gold hoop earrings


15. Black top with a pattern on the sleeves

16. Orangy-red tunic top

17. Grey tunic top

18. Black tank top

19. Long sleeve gold t-shirt

20. Long sleeve maroon t-shirt

21. Navy blue zip-up vest

22. Navy blue dress shirt

23. Maroon flower print top


24. Black leggings

25. Black jeans

26. Dark blue jeans

27. Grey jeans

28. Light blue jeans (


29. Snow boots

30. Brown heel booties

31. Black heel booties

32. Sparkle flats

33. Grey flat boots


This is the stuff I wanted to keep after reviewing my closet. One thing that makes this slightly less challenging for me than most is that I work from home or random other places. I could wear my 'loungewear' anywhere. I'm going to try to stick to wearing items from the 33 when I leave the house. Yes, even when grocery shopping.

When I think of only 33 items, it doesn't sound like a lot, but once you get down to thinking about it and looking through what you really love wearing, it wasn't that hard. I think keeping the same 33 items year-round would be harder. We'll see how this goes.

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