Fakey Eggys

When I was little, my mom used to make this thing for breakfast and tell me it was an omelet. I knew it wasn't, but it's what I was getting for breakfast that day. Fast forward a lot of years and now I'm trying to cut eggs out of my diet. With the advent of a lot more plant-based products trying to mimic their non-vegan counterpart, it's a lot easier to give up this stuff. Eggs and dairy have been tough.

So in 2020, I'm gonna try to at least avoid eating eggs directly. It's probably still gonna be in things I buy because I don't always read labels carefully. Goodbye Benedicts in all your wonderful forms.

I've tried the Follow Your Heart and Just brands of fake eggs. Both are close, but not quite there. IMO, the Follow your Heart brand has the right texture, but doesn't hold up well when you try to mix in other stuff. Just Egg works better for this, but it doesn't have that fluffy texture.

When I don't have one of these things on hand, I go to chickpea flour eggs. In an Indian household, you've always got chickpea flour on hand. It works really well when you want to do an omelet where you mix in the onions, peppers, etc.

Making this is soooooo easy and you can do tons of variations.

Pour out about half a cut of chickpea flour (about 2 omelets). I can usually eat 2 of these.

Mix in whatever veggies you want! Don't overdo it though, you probably want to keep a 2:1 ratio of four to veggies, otherwise, it won't' hold together while cooking it.

I put in some garlic, tomatoes, scallions. Add a pinch of salt. I also add turmeric, mostly because I try to put in anything I can get it into. Ever try sprinkling it on your pizza? Sounds weird, but I really like it.

Mix in enough water to get it to a pancake batter-like consistency. Depending on your veggies, you might need more or less.

Then just grease a pan and pour in enough to make it as big or little as you want. It should be about the thickness of pancakes. Maybe this is more like making a savory pancake than eggs.

Cook it over medium heat and let the bottom brown. You'll know it's time to flip when the top is almost cooked through. It should release pretty easy, giving you ample opportunity to practice your pan-flipping skills.

Let the other side brown and enjoy warm. I'll eat with some hot sauce or ketchup or sometimes just plain. I've also eaten these between a toasted sliced break, like an egg sandwich. This can be dry, so if you're adding it to a sandwich, I highly recommend some kind of condiment.

Happy Eating!

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