2 Minute Sorbet

Ok, now that the title of this has sucked you in, I admit that the 2 minute part depends on how well prepared you are. I looooove frozen sweet treats, especially on these hot days! So here's how you make a really yummy treat.

If you're lazy like me, you buy a bag of frozen mixed fruit chunks. My personal favorite is a mix of pineapples, strawberries, peaches, and mango. Throw it all into a blender together with just a little juice or almond milk to smooth it out and enjoy.

Or if you're parents are retired and don't mind buying, cleaning, chopping, and freezing fruit, you just grab a little of everything and toss it in a blender with just enough liquid to smooth it out. ​​

This is what you end up with w/o the added liquid. Sometimes I like to eat it this way just because it has a little more bite to it. It's like those dippin dots, but less round.

To get it to a more creamy and sorbety (is that a word?) texture, I add some almond milk. It adds creaminess and makes it fluffy and velvety. My dad likes it a little more tart, so I often add orange juice to his. The best part is that I never have added sugar to this. It's super sweet just from the fruit.

Tell me that doesn't look absolutely refreshing! The pic you see above was the home cut and frozen fruit.

So here's a few things I've learned along the way. The more fibrous and ripe the fruit is, the better the texture. The pineapples and mangos never freeze all the way, you could eat them frozen on your own. They stay soft enough that it's not hard on your teeth. When they blend, they are more creamy on their own and they stay more solid, less watery.

The more watery like cantaloupe, honeydew, or watermelon, the more icy your sorbet will be. It's more like a granita, but still as delicious. Actually, my dad picked up a terrible watermelon a week ago and was not great to eat, so we froze it and mixed it with some of the remaining store bought frozen fruit. The store bought fruit tends to get watery when you start blending it, so it works better if you give it time to refreeze a little. It turned out like this, still delicious and super refreshing.

Side note: I'm a grown ass woman and still can't remember which one is a honeydew and which one is a cantaloupe. If anyone has a good trick to remember which one is which, please let me know and save me what is sure to be many more embarrassing moments in the future.


1. Whatever frozen fruit you like

2. Juice or almond milk, or both, or booze (I haven't tried that yet)

Blend until smooth. Enjoy!

Pro-tip: Throw some fresh mint and lime juice in the blender with the fruit. It makes it taste faaancy.

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