New Year's Resolutions

For the last few years, I haven't made any new years resolutions. I kinda gave up on them. I figure if I could actually stick to some big lofty goal, I'd have run a marathon by now, completed a half-Ironman by now, and be much better at developing things in Python than I am. So what's the point of me writing all this? While I like to preach a lot about being compassionate to animals, shopping cruelty-free, etc, there is another cause that deserves compassion. Me. And, well, I guess You too, but we're talking about me right now.

How often do we beat ourselves up over not achieving what we set out to do? Lose 10 pounds, eat healthier, curse less, stick to a budget, work out more. My resolution has been to be more compassionate to myself. While I know some things I may do, like eating that slice of cake today, I can't undo; I have just let it go and move on. The most compassionate thing I could do for myself on a regular basis is forgive my mistakes and try better next time. I jokingly say that I'm a quitter and proud of it. I quit things a lot, but I generally start them right back up the next day.

Be kinder to yourself in the new year.

Have a Compassionate 2017!

#compassion #resolutions #personalwellbeing #kindness

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