Holiday Cards that Give Back

Ever since I adopted a cat from the animal shelter I volunteered at, I wanted to share, what I think are cute and hilarious holiday cards. I usually took and modified pictures of Frankiepoo with cute little sayings and then used one of those online photo companies to print out holiday cards and then mail them to a few close friends and family.

Last year, I decided to stop mailing them and email them to my holiday card list. This eliminated the photo paper the cards were printed on, the paper for the envelopes, the stamps, the energy to deliver them. Although, I feel bad that by not mailing them, there are people who have that much less work to do. I took the money I saved and donated it to a local rescue.

I like to think everyone still enjoys getting the pictures of Frank and at least a little chuckle from them, while feeling good that a small donation was made on their behalf to a charity. I hope that this inspires others to think about how their money is spent and how their actions impact the environment and decide to make a small change to give to charitable organizations.

I haven't sent out this year's card to everyone, so that's staying under wraps, but here's the card I sent last year.

This cat is spoiled rotten. In my defense, I only bought about a quarter of those toys. Most of them were given to me by a friend whose two kitties had passed away.

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