Give the gift of cruelty-free

Today, I caught up with a friend who just bought a new house. One of my greatest pleasures is giving unique and meaningful gifts. I don't buy gifts for others all that often, and when I do, I try to put a lot of thought into them. Lately, I'm trying to give gifts that introduce the idea of compassionate consumerism: cruelty-free, vegan, sustainable, fair trade. So, with those ideals in mind, I set off to put together a housewarming gift.

Pinterest is a great place for inspiration. There are so many gift basket ideas, but what theme would work best. I figured cleaning products are always needed and Mrs. Meyers products are easy enough to find. I picked up an assortment of the basic necessitates in different scents so she could try them all. I didn't actually know they made this many products. I'm going to give their laundry detergent a shot when I finish the one I have.

Now to package it up and add some whimsy. I went over to World Market, which carries a lot of unique goods, including housewares. I wanted to find a basket to put the cleaning products in and wrap it all up. From the information on World Market's corporate site, they work towards ensuring their products are fair trade. I admit, I have doubts about claims made by a company and would rather also see it verified by a third party, but I was in a rush, so I took them at their word. I got a basket and a cute little cat shaped dish sponge holder.

I also found some flour sack cloth in the kitchen goods area. It was a light gauzy material which I though would make for good filler and maybe she can use it for other purposes. I also had some twine at home that I used for bows tied to finish off the packaging.

I think it turned out pretty nice and everything is useful in some way. I hope that when she runs out of the Mrs. Meyers products that she continues to use that brand or at least take the few extra minutes to lookup what cruelty-free products can be purchased for household cleaning. For me, doing a quick bit of research before I shopped helped me stick to my goals of shopping compassionately.


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